Artur Szpilka to fight at the National Boksu Gala.

As a boxer from Wieliczka, he is like with Mike Tyson once: some worship him, others hate himbut no one remains indifferent. First, it was put up as a model by Wisła Kraków supporters, later to be cursed by them, for contacts with Cracovia fans.

After an unexpected victory with Tomasz Adamek, in November 2014, Szpil was at the peak of popularity and he was pinned the title "great white hope". Deontay Wilder extinguished this hope. However, Artur did not say the last word. He is only 28 years old, he fought 23 fights, of which 20 won, 13 ahead of time, and only three times he left the ring as a loser. A lot of interesting things can happen with Artur's participation.

The opponent of Szpilka will probably be one of the heavy boxers from the USA.

The National Boxing Gala will be not only a sport event, but also a cultural-musical event. Edyta Górniak, Liroy and Kombi will perform on it. The patron of the event was Anna Maria Anderska, the daughter of General Władysław Anders, who is the senator of the Republic of Poland and also the plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for international dialogue.

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